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Music therapists in Indiana are committed to providing quality care to the individuals we serve, while educating the public on the benefits of this allied health profession through facility and community-based educational offerings, co-treating opportunities with other therapies, the training of new therapists in both undergraduate and graduate programs in Indiana, and ongoing advocacy efforts across the state.

Why Music Therapy?

There has been an increased focus on music and neurology, with a great deal of exciting research about how the use of music impacts functioning on a variety of levels: cognition/memory, physiology, and emotional response. Music also is known to impact socialization levels, pain levels, and can be used in rehabilitation or mental health. Music therapy is an allied health profession which has been an organized profession in the United States for approximately 60 years, but the use of music in healing and for health is centuries old. Today, research is being conducted on the use of music therapy with a variety of diagnoses and populations, and studies have been published in a variety of professional journals. The music therapy peer-reviewed journals include: Music Therapy Perspectives and the Journal of Music Therapy. An international online forum for music therapy is called Voices may be found at: http://voices.no, and other general information can be found on the American Music Therapy Association website.

Where do music therapists work in Indiana?

There are over 250 board-certified Music Therapists in Indiana who serve a number of client populations, which include: Autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities; traumatic brain injury and stroke; PTSD, depression, and other psychiatric disorders; substance abuse; geriatrics (including Alzheimer’s and dementia); hospice/palliative care; med/surgery; pediatrics, maternal health and premature infants/NICU. Indiana music therapists work in state agencies/hospitals, private hospitals, nursing facilities, day treatment programs, intensive out-patient programs, schools, clinics, and private practice.

Are music therapy services reimbursable?

Music Therapy services in Indiana are now being reimbursed through some private insurance companies, Indiana Medicaid Waivers (Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver and Family Supports Waiver), community and national grant programs, and private pay. A number of our therapists have been able to provide increased access to music therapy services for individuals in their Indiana communities, by becoming approved service providers through the Indiana Medicaid Waivers.

What does the future hold for music therapy in Indiana?

The future of music therapy in Indiana looks bright. Working with the American Music Therapy Association and the Certification Board of Music Therapists, we will continue to discuss and document the efficacy of music therapy services for the individuals we serve, while working to expand our advocacy efforts to increase access to quality music therapy services to the citizens of our fine state.

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