CBMT Trademark Ownership of Credentials

Recently, the Certification Board of Music Therapists (CBMT) has retained trademark ownership of the credentials “MT-BC” and “Music Therapist – Board Certified”.  Here is what you need to know about usage.

CBMT allows music therapists to use the MT-BC credential so long as their active certification is maintained.  Certified music therapists may continue to use the MT-BC credential on materials including business cards, letter head, email addresses, and promotional materials; however, when using the credentials, it must be in a way that benefits the public image of CBMT and does not conflict with CBMT policies and procedures.  Additionally, when using “MT-BC” as part of promotional materials, the credential cannot be the most prominent visual element.

Music therapists CANNOT use the credential as part of a web domain, business name, logo, clothing, or items for resale.

See the full CBMT statement here below.


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