Save the Date: Autism Conference (Re-thinking Autism) hosted by Optimal Rhythms, Inc.

On Friday, April 17, Optimal Rhythms, Inc. in Evansville will be hosting a professional Autism Conference (Re-thinking Autism). The stars of the documentary Wretches & Jabberers, Tracey Thresher and Larry Bissonnette will be there; along with Marilyn Chadwick, SLP, from Syracuse University; and John Smyth of Saved By Typing in Indianapolis.  Casey DePriest, AIMT member and founder of Optimal Rhythms, Inc., will be presenting at the conference on The Power of Rhythm to Support the Movement Differences of Autism.

On Saturday, April 18, Evansville will hold it’s annual Walk for Autism.  Following the walk, Optimal Rhythms, Inc. will host a screening of Wretches & Jabberers, followed by a Q & A time with a panel of non-verbal autistic individuals who type to communicate, including Tracy & Larry, John, and the students of ACCESS Academy.

Here is the link to the Wretches & Jabberers website.  Be sure to check out the trailer!