Section 1.  The name of the organization shall be Association for Indiana Music Therapy, Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as AIMT.

Section 1.  The purpose of the AIMT shall be to support and advance the objectives of the Great Lakes Region (hereinafter referred to as GLR) of the American Music Therapy Association (hereinafter referred to as AMTA).

Section 2.  The general objectives of AIMT shall be as follows:

  1. To provide and encourage continuing education for AIMT members.
  2. To increase awareness of Music Therapy to the general public and related professionals in the state of Indiana.
  3. To recommend AIMT members for the appropriate offices in the GLR and AMTA.
  4. To increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world.
  5. To engage in practices and activities as permitted by Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3).


Section 1.  Membership in AIMT shall be of five classes:  Professional, Retired Music Therapist, Associate, Student and Affiliate Organization.

Section 2.  Professional membership shall be open to all persons who hold a degree or certification in music therapy, are professionally engaged in the use of music in therapy, and reside or are employed in Indiana.  Professional membership shall include the right to attend meetings and workshops, to vote, to hold office, and to receive publications produced by AIMT.

Section 3.  Retired Music Therapist membership shall be open to music therapists who have reached the legal age of retirement and who reside in Indiana.  Rights and privileges shall be the same as those for Professional membership.

Section 4.  Associate membership shall be open to other professionals and non-professionals interested in the use of music in therapy and who wish to support AIMT.  Such membership shall include admission to meetings and workshops and the right to receive publications, but does not include the right to vote or hold office.

Section 5.  Student membership shall be open to persons enrolled in universities, colleges, high schools or completing their clinical internship in Indiana. Such membership shall include the right to attend meetings and workshops and the right to receive publications, but not the right to vote or hold office.

Section 6.  Affiliate organization membership shall be open to any student or professional organization interested in supporting the objectives and purpose of AIMT.  Rights and privileges of the designated representative of an organization shall be the same as those for Associate membership unless that designee qualifies for Professional or Retired Music Therapist membership.

Section 7.  Dues

  1. Annual dues shall be an early bird rate of 20 dollars for Professional members, 5 dollars for Retired Music Therapist members, 15 dollars for Associate members, and 25 dollars for Affiliate Organization members payable to AIMT if postmarked or submitted by December 31st. Dues will be 5 dollars more if postmarked or submitted on January 1st and after.
  2. The membership year and fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.
  3. Members failing to pay dues by March 1 shall forfeit all rights to membership.
  4. Members who have forfeited rights of membership because of non-payment of dues shall be able to reinstate themselves with payment of dues for the current period.
  5. Students enrolled in music therapy programs have two options. The annual dues for a Student member who joins in January or February shall be $3.00.  Students who wish to join AIMT in September or October shall pay $5.00 and be considered members for the remainder of that year and for the next membership year.


Section 1.  The elective officers of AIMT shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2.  Appointive officers shall be Webmaster, Government Relations Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson and others deemed necessary by the President.

Section 3.  The President shall preside at all meetings of AIMT, make appointments as deemed necessary, be an ex-officio member of all committees without a right to vote, perform other duties implied by the title, represent AIMT on the nominating committee of the GLR, send articles for inclusion in the Voice of the Lakes newsletter, and serve as State Representative to the GLR of AMTA.

Section 4.  The Vice President shall assist the President as requested; assume all duties of the President in case of resignation, disability or absence; and shall serve as program chairman for workshops and programs, supervising the finances of workshop participants subject to approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 5.  The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all business meetings of AIMT; be responsible for providing attendance/sign-in sheets at meetings, workshops and programs; and notify the GLR President of newly elected officers.  The Secretary shall also provide a copy of the meeting minutes to the Webmaster for inclusion in the first members-only area of the website following a meeting.

Section 6.  The Treasurer shall pay all bills authorized by the Executive Committee, keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements, present a financial report on request by the President, present a written report to the AIMT at business meetings, file necessary tax documents, and maintain the membership registry.

Section 7. The Government Relations Chairperson shall serve as a liaison between the GLR government relations chairperson and AIMT as part of a communications network for political action on information relevant to political issues and music therapy.  The government relations chairperson shall be responsible for submitting appropriate reports and performing other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.

Section 8.  The Public Relations Chairperson shall develop or assist others in the development of print materials, disseminate information about AIMT activities to appropriate agencies or the press, and foster a favorable relationship between AIMT and the public at large.

Section 9.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as advisor to the Executive Committee.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as chairperson of a continuing committee on Bylaws Revisions.

Section 10.  Other Appointed Officers

  1. The Webmaster shall maintain, update, and monitor all aspects of the AIMT      website.
  2. The Clinical Training Chairperson shall provide periodic updates to members on the status of current internships in Indiana and assist qualified music therapists in establishing internships.
  3. A Student Representative from each campus shall serve as a liaison between their fellow students or campus organization and AIMT. Students appointed to the AIMT Executive Board as a Student Representative shall have the right to hold office and to vote.  The Student Representative shall be responsible for submitting reports to the Executive Committee indicating student activities and shall perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.
  4. One Faculty Representative from each campus shall serve as a liaison between their academic institution and AIMT. The Faculty Representative shall serve as a resource person to the Student Representative, submit reports to the Executive Committee, and perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.  If the Faculty Representative holds an elected or appointed office, no other representative is needed.

Section 12.  Terms of Office

  1. All officers shall serve a term of two years beginning in March of an odd numbered year.
  2. The Vice President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary shall not serve more than three successive terms, following which a two-year period must lapse before an ensuing term of the same office may be held.
  3. The President shall not serve more than two successive terms, following which a two-year period must lapse before an ensuing term of the same office may be held.
  4. Appointed officers or chairpersons may be appointed or reappointed at the beginning of the president’s term or when needed.


Section 1.  Business meetings shall be held at a time and place as determined by the President.

Section 2.  A minimum of three meetings shall be held per year.  Other meetings may occur as deemed necessary and all executive committee members must be in attendance at minimum for two thirds of these meetings.

Section 3.  A minimum of 20 percent of the voting membership plus one elective officer shall constitute a quorum for business meetings.  At no time shall lack of a quorum at a non-business session prevent those present from proceeding with the program of the day.

Section 4.  Financial and policy changes will be discussed and voted upon only at statewide meetings.


Section 1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members:  President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, State Editor, Government Relations Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson, and other committee chairpersons appointed by the President.

Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year in the summer.

Section 3.  The Executive Committee shall supervise the affairs of the organization, transact time-sensitive business between business meetings of AIMT, control funds and appoint assistants to any AIMT officer.

Section 4.  All of the Executive Committee members listed in Section 1 shall have the right to vote at meetings of the Executive Committee.

Section 5.  A committee comprised of one student representative from each of the college/university programs shall elect one of their members to attend meetings of the Executive Committee in order to represent student interests.


Section 1.  All nominations require prior permission of the nominee.

Section 2.  A nominating committee appointed by the President shall present a tentative slate of officers to the membership at the fall meeting.  Other nominations may be made from the floor.

Section 3.  Ballots shall be sent to the Professional and Retired Music Therapist members, to be returned by the date indicated on the ballot.  The date will by 31 days from the date ballots are sent.  Ballots shall contain space for the write-in candidates for each elective office.

Section 4.  Sealed ballots shall be counted by an appointed committee.

Section 5.  The requirement for election shall be a majority of the mail ballot votes cast.

Section 6.  Results shall be announced following the appointed committee’s count and newly elected officers shall be installed at the state meeting held during the annual GLR spring conference.

Section 7.  Officers retiring from office shall arrange to confer with their successors immediately following the GLR State Business Meeting to clarify procedures and responsibilities and shall deliver to their successors all records, papers, and other property belonging to AIMT.  Should either the retiring or incoming officer not be present, arrangements for this transfer shall be made as soon as possible before June 1, of that year.  The President shall be notified when the transfer of information has been completed.

Section 8.  Vacancies

  1. Any vacancy existing in an elective office at the time of any scheduled business meeting shall be filled by an election held during that meeting.
  2. A vacancy occurring during another time may be filled by Presidential appointment, with the approval of the Executive Committee, to complete the prescribed term of office.


Section 1.  The current issue of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern business meetings.


Section 1.  These Bylaws may be amended at any business meeting by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present, the proposed amendments having been submitted to the membership at least two weeks prior to the business meeting.


Section 1.  For professional members a minimum registration fee of 15 dollars will be required for all AIMT workshops.  A higher fee may be set as determined by the workshop organizing committee in consultation with the Vice President.

Section 2.  A combination of statewide and regional (north/south) workshops will be held annually.


Section 1.  The President or State Representative (in the absence of the President) will receive 50 dollars for any AMTA or GLR conference to help with conference expenses.  The reimbursement will be waived if that representative’s facility covers all conference expenses.

Section 2.  Executive committee members attending a meeting or other event necessary for their position, who drive in excess of 30 miles one way, will receive the current not-for-profit rate per mile to cover mileage expenses.

Section 3.  People speaking at workshops shall be reimbursed according to the following schedule: 40 dollars per hour for a person possessing a Bachelors degree, 75 dollars/hour for a person possessing a Masters degree, and 100 dollars/hour for a person possessing a Doctorate, plus the cost of mileage.


Section 1. In the event that AIMT must be dissolved as an organization, the financial holdings of the organization will be donated to a tax exempt organization.

Adopted: October 3, 2009

Amended: June 19, 2010

Amended: September 9, 2011

Amended: November 17, 2014

Amended:  September 12, 2015