Advocacy Toolkit

Task Force Status: Communicating with state agencies, including requesting Medicaid waiver updates. Offering incentives to those who participate in writing legislators. Hosted successful advocacy CMTE and Hill Day (03/11). House Concurrent Resolution (01/11) urged the Developmental Disabilities Commission to study the addition of music therapy to various services. Legislation to create a music therapy registry (HB 1209) was introduced (2012), but went unassigned to committee due to short session. Legislation to establish title protection (HB 1051) was filed in January 2013, then added as an amendment to SB 273. Task force responded to concerns for state speech therapy lobbyist and has received significant support from ARC of Indiana. SB 273 passed the House and Senate in April 2013 and was forwarded to the Governor, who vetoed the bill citing need for fewer licensing requirements.

What is Advocacy?

What is State Recognition and why is it important?

Task Force Members

Casey DePriest (Task Force Chair):

Lindsey Wright:

Ann Hannan

Jonni Fogerty

Morgan Sparks

Amanda Henley

Andy Panayides